May 2015

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The benefits of cleaning and sanitizing your homebrew equipment should be crystal clear – just like your brew. The ingredients that make your beer special – that give it that crisp color, attractive aroma and tantalizing taste – can also leave behind contaminants and food for bacteria or wild yeast.

One Step and Straight-A are the homebrewer’s solution to skunky beer! One Step and Straight-A were developed by a homebrewer – who just happens to be a research chemist – to resolve his own frustration with the lack of cost-effective, top-quality cleaners that are also environmentally safe.

One Step* and Straight-A* are your one-stop, top-grade resources for better beer.

*One Step and Straight-A are also ideal for home winemaking equipment. Ask for them at your local supply outlet.

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At Logic Inc., home of One Step and Straight-A, we understand that rising costs mean cutting back, but cutting back on cleaning and sanitizing means sacrificing quality and taste. We are committed to helping the Brewing Industry – that means you, home brewers -- control costs while maintaining maximum sanitation, quality and taste.

Why are we so committed to helping homebrewers? Because we’re homebrewers, too. We understand your needs because they are our needs. As a homebrewer, you don’t want mainstream, ordinary beer. Why settle for mainstream, ordinary cleaners?

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